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Fault Finding & Maintenance

Our Fault Finding Team

At RL Electrical, our team of fault finding & diagnosis specialists have been troubleshooting day to day faults & rectifying them for our clients and their business premises. For many years we have been diagnosing and rectifying faults over 300+ properties across London, Essex & Kent.

 We understand how frustrating it could be with having problems with your electrical systems, therefore we have a friendly & trustworthy approved electricians who are available 24/7 with 1 hour response time. We carry out all our fault finding repairs on our competitive hourly rate and can give you an estimate of time and cost before we start work at your property. Our team will use latest & calibrated test equipment to carry out an initial inspection on your electrical appliances and equipment for loose connections or signs of overloading/heating. Upon completion of fault finding, if any remedial work is required we will then liaise with our clients and send them a new quotation for future work to be carried out. 

Advice to our clients
Most electrical faults are not detrimental if they are diagnosed & rectified swiftly. But if they left ignored, this can have serious impact of danger to both yourself/family lives & property. Please do not hesitate to call our approved registered electricians for a FREE quote

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